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                 Member Benefits


                       Access to Lawmakers, Policymakers & MAC through MAHC channels

                      • Access to state legislators and U.S. congressional delegation – Members viewed as a part of industry not individuals.

                      • 2 annual members-only legislative receptions to promote the industry to state Public Health & Medicaid leaders.

                      • MAHC gives members the opportunity to be involved and influence change through our member collaboration and        

                        outreach to specific payers/policymakers.

                      • Quarterly access to our MAC – Palmetto GBA – through the 16-State Coalition. MAHC members submit questions                                                                            and Palmetto answers. All 16-State Q&As are shared with membership. Don’t you want that kind of access?


                  MAHC Advocacy Accomplishments 

                      • Continued protection of the Certificate of Need through state legislative efforts and strong legislative lobby presence

                      • Effected U.S. Congressional and Senate support of National legislative efforts

                      • Effected change in face-to-face interpretation through 16-State Coalition

                      • Dialogue with Medicaid on reinstatement of traditional-waiver services & reimbursement levels

                      • Liaison with VA Medical Director to improve VA Physician Orders

                      • Effected Minimum Standard changes improving Supervisory Visit requirements for PTAs and LPNs (pending)



                  Quality Education & National Speakers offered within driving-distance

                      • Member discounts offered for all programming

                 National Access & Quality Reporting

                    • Access to and information sharing from National Association for Home Care and Council for State Home
                      Care Associations

                    • Periodic Benchmark and Data Reports – Agency-specific reports (sample reports are available upon request)

                    • Home Health Quality Improvement Campaign

                    • Statewide recognition of home health professionals and caregivers through annual MAHC Awards program

                 Navigating the Industry Together

                    • MAHC offers collaboration with others who are addressing and weathering the same climate as you!
                    • Home Health is in an environment we have never been in before. Although MAHC’s members are competitors, we all                                                                      in the home health industry are dealing with the same issues.
                    • MAHC members are working together to creatively and effectively address the issues facing us all. As an active
                       member you  can “tap” into years of home health experience to help you with issues you and your agency are facing.






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